Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fun Jigsaw

Jigsaws for kids!

Free jigsaws, coloring pages, kids crafts, printables and other fun activities for kids!
Why Jigsaws for kids?
jigsaws for kidsJigsaws are wonderful for developing logical and spatial ability
jigsaws for kidsJigsaws encourage sorting, matching and problem solving skills in children
jigsaws for kidsOnline jigsaws help young children learn mouse control.
jigsaws for kidsJigsaw content can be educational
jigsaws for kidsAnd of course, jigsaws are just good fun!


Print the jigsaws out onto printer card, and cut carefully around the large and small pictures, which will either be rectangular or square, depending on the design. Choose an appropriate jigsaw cutting guide (rectangular for rectangular jigsaws, for example, and with the right number of pieces for your child) and print onto paper (scrap printer paper will do), and again cut out the whole rectangle of square (not the pieces, yet). Now place over the jigsaw, matching the shapes up carefully. Cut through both layers together, and discard the paper pieces. Store the jigsaw in a box or bag and include the small image to help your child recognise and complete the puzzle


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