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Ack words


Ail Words

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Ain words


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Ell Words

Phonics Ain

Phonics Ain

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Phonics Ake

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Phonics Ale

The night before your first flight


Top 10 reasons Why I Love my Mum


Acrostic Camel

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Acrostic Louis

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Acrostic Myteacher

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Acrostic Toys

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Writing - A Rainy day

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Color and Write-Birthday Cake


Color and Write-butterfly


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Finish Sentence - Frog

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Story Planner Animal

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Story Summary

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Glyph Snowman

Grammar Complete Sentence

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Grammar Simple Present Tense

Grammar Present Simple Elem Esl

Grammar Simple Sentences (Subject- Predicate)

Grammar Simple Sentence Predicate Subject

Grammar Suffix -er -est

Grammar Suffix Erest

Spelling "-ing" Words

Ing Words

Spelling - Zoo Animals


Spelling - Friends

Sp Friends

Spelling Level 2

Spelling Level2 Unit1

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Spelling - Farm


Games - Build-A-Knight

Ma Game Build a Knight

Spelling Level 4

Spelling Level4 Unit01

Spelling Level 3

Spelling Level3 Unit01

Spelling Level 2

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Spelling Level 1

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Spell - All About Me

Spell All About Me

Spelling Themes- Family

Spelling Themes Family

Test Practice Language

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Grammar- Compound Sentences

Wksht Grammar Compound Sentences

Word Trips Prepositions

Words Trips Prepositions

Word Game


Spelling Worksheet 3 - Desert Or Dessert?

Worksheet Spelling Homophone Dessert Desert

Spelling Worksheet 2 - Hear Or Here?

Worksheet Spelling Homophone Hearhere

Spelling Worksheet 1


Jobs Board Game

Jobs Board Game

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Going to Board Game

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Adverbs of Frequency Game High

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Origami Booklet For English

Try this Origami Booklet in your English Class. Let's your students to write any words or sentences in the booklet. They can bring this booklet anytime, anywhere. It's really a very good way to learn English !!!

Watch this Video to do the Origami Booklet For English Class

When using our printable booklets, keep the printed side of the paper face up. I find it easiest to fold the booklets if I keep the "front page" at the top right hand side of the paper. Describing the process is harder than actually folding the booklet - just give it a go!


Topic : My clothes
Focus : Sentence structure – This is  ___________, These are__________.
Step 1 : read Year 1 English Textbook (page 29)
Step 2 : students orally – This is a cap, These are socks.
Step 3 : write simple sentences in BOOKLET
Step 4 : in groups tell the story which has been written.

Example of BOOKLET  for topic "My Clothes" by students 1M
Joveen Lee


Topic : My Body
Focus : Sentence structure – These are my ______. This is my _________.
Step 1 : read Year 1 English Textbook (page 67)
Step 2 : students orally – These are my legs.
Step 3 : write simple sentences in BOOKLET
Step 4 : in groups tell the story which has been written.

Example of BOOKLET 
for topic "My Body" 
by students 1K
They Sau Yang

Writing - Who Am I??

Whoa Mi

Writing A Story Character


Writing Prompts Chart - Spin The Story

Spin Story Writing Prompt Chart

Writing Strategies - Story The Strangest Day

Story- The Strangest Day

Fun Writing Strategies - Humorous Fiction

The most important factor in writing exercises is that students need to be personally involved in order to make the learning experience of lasting value. Encouraging student participation in the exercise, while at the same time refining and expanding writing skills, requires a certain pragmatic approach. The teacher should be clear on what skills he/she is trying to develop. Next, the teacher needs to decide on which means (or type of exercise) can facilitate learning of the target area. Once the target skill areas and means of implmentation are defined, the teacher can then proceed to focus on what topic can be employed to ensure student participation. By pragmatically combing these objectives, the teacher can expect both enthusiasm and effective learning.

Choosing the target area depends on many factors; What level are the students?, What is the average age of the students, Why are the students learning English, Are there any specific future intentions for the writing (i.e school tests or job application letters etc.). Other important questions to ask oneself are: What should the students be able to produce at the end of this exercise? (a well written letter, basic communication of ideas, etc.) What is the focus of the exercise? (structure, tense usage, creative writing). Once these factors are clear in the mind of the teacher, the teacher can begin to focus on how to involve the students in the activity thus promoting a positive, long-term learning experience.

Having decided on the target area, the teacher can focus on the means to achieve this type of learning. As in correction, the teacher must choose the most appropriate manner for the specified writing area. If formal business letter English is required, it is of little use to employ a free expression type of exercise. Likewise, when working on descriptive language writing skills, a formal letter is equally out of place.

With both the target area and means of production, clear in the teachers mind, the teacher can begin to consider how to involve the students by considering what type of activities are interesting to the students; Are they preparing for something specific such as a holiday or test?, Will they need any of the skills pragmatically? What has been effective in the past? A good way to approach this is by class feedback, or brainstorming sessions. By choosing a topic that involves the students the teacher is providing a context within which effective learning on the target area can be understaken.

Finally, the question of which type of correction will facilitate a useful writing exercise is of utmost importance. Here the teacher needs to once again think about the overall target area of the exercise. If there is an immediate task at hand, such as taking a test, perhaps teacher guided correction is the most effective solution. However, if the task is more general (for example developing informal letter writing skills), maybe the best approach would be to have the students work in groups thereby learning from each other. Most importantly, by choosing the correct means of correction the teacher can encourage rather discourage students.

Writing Humorous Fiction
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