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Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters

Listening to tongue twisters is one way to improve your English pronuniciation. It's very difficult to say tongue twisters in English so don't worry if you can't do it very well at first, just have fun!

"I can think of six thin things, but I can think of six thick things too." 

"Give papa a cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup." 

"She sells sea shells by the sea shore." 

"The blue bluebird blinks." 

"Zebras zig and zebras zag." 

"Eleven owls licked eleven, little, liquorice lollipops."  

"The big bug bit the little beetle, but the little beetle bit the big bug back."  

"Quick kiss, quick kiss, quick kiss." 

"Fresh fried fish, fish fresh fried, fried fish fresh, fish fried fresh."

"A tricky frisky snake with sixty super scaly stripes." 

"If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch?" 

"Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy, was he?" 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


This is one of the large exhibition in Pontian district for MBMMBI programme, I'm get a lots of teaching experiences from others teachers around Pontian school.  I also learn a lots of golden knowledge from this exhibition. We are working in a groups to success the exhibition. It's really challenging because we need to settle all the materials and booth in 3 days. Here, I would like to thanks my fellow teachers for their helping hands. I also want to share my materials for all teachers who's as my followers in my BLOG. What we learn and we share it out and hope can help our students in future....

My booth topic: Taboos & Superstition

28 Superstitious Taboos

These are some of the more common “taboos”, of living that are the superstitions of our belief systems. The motivation behind these cultural prohibitions is always good, but superstitions usually defy conventional logic. Should we dismiss them as outright nonsense? Or should we observe them because there is “nothing to lose” in doing so? Sometimes, however absurd, taboos can hide remnants of ancient knowledge of the old Masters whose hidden wisdom are greater than ours. Gathered here are some of the more common superstitious beliefs for you to observe, dismiss or ponder over.  
 1. Mirror might steal your soul
Do not place a mirror directly facing your bed – this is a feng shui taboo as well, and the explanation from old feng shui masters is this always brings a third party into the marriage of the sleeping occupants of the bed. Superstition frowns on having a mirror directly reflect the bed, but here the reason given is that doing so causes the spirit of your sleeping soul to enter into the mirror and you may not be able to return to your body when you wake up in the morning. In other words, it could cause you to get “trapped” in the inbetween world that exists between sleep and wakefulness – a frightening prospect which some say can indeed happen. Another explanation is that the mirror attracts wandering spirits who come to steal your consciousness. Either prospect sounds scary, so it is better to avoid mirrors facing the bed.

2. When visiting a sick person
Never offer pears when visiting sick people in a hospital as this is a symbol that the patient will die. It is also bad luck to send red flowers, especially red roses, as this signifies blood. Many other Asian cultures also believe that sending red roses will cause death to occur. Best colours for hospitals are white and yellow, the colours of yang life.
Do not give presents in quantities of four. This is frowned upon because the number four sounds like “death.” The best kind of gift to send are boxes of sweetmeats and chocolates.
 3. Hanging laundry at night
Another major taboo handed down through the generations is never to leave laundry hung in the sunshine to stay there through the nocturnal hours. Always remember to bring the washing back in when dusk falls, otherwise wandering spirits will be tempted to “attach themselves” to the clothing and take over the personality of the person when he/she wears them.

There are stories of children behaving queerly after wearing clothing that had inadvertently been left hanging outside soaking in the yin energy of the night. Better remind yourself of this no matter how busy you are. Clothes (and especially underwear) left hanging out should ideally be thrown away.

4. Fringe can block your luck
The Chinese have a great aversion to covering the forehead with hair. This is said to create a serious block on your wealth luck and is especially applicable to men. Men’s foreheads are said to be the part of the face that attracts wisdom, success and good fortune. Covering it seriously affects good fortune coming your way. You will find that successful men often sweep their hair to one side. Obviously fringes on children are fine, as they have not yet started working life.

5. Meeting a funeral
If you meet a coffin-laden hearse as you make your way to work, it symbolizes big success coming to you in your job, or it can mean that you will be getting a promotion. The explanation here is that the coffin will take away all your bad luck, leaving you only with your good fortune.

6. Shaking away your wealth
Here is a taboo many of us have been familiar with all our life; the habit some people have of shaking their legs each time they sit on a chair. Perhaps the Malays also have this taboo, because the phrase “goyang kaki” or shaking legs is also something familiar to them.
Shaking your legs is like kicking your wealth away and if you do this habitually, it is believed to create the cause for all your prosperity to flow away from you. So no matter how stylish or cool it may look dangling and shaking your leg, refrain from doing this. Otherwise you can shake away all your wealth.

7. Things not to do at night
There are many taboos associated with the nocturnal hours. This is when yin energy descends on the world and the Chinese are especially mindful of wandering spirits who they believe roam freely after the sun sets. At night they say it is dangerous to pick flowers, as strange events will follow. If you are in the garden where there are many dark bushes and tall trees, you should refrain from calling aloud the names of your loved ones or of your friends, or even your pets, as these imbue the people and animals concerned with the strange urge to hurt you. In the night, yin energy prevails and on dark nights when there is no moonlight, children are strenuously advised to stay indoors as coming out into the open where they are not protected by a roof above them makes them especially vulnerable. The antidote to darkness is light and this is why it is always safer to keep lights turned on even in the gardens, and well into the early hours of the morning.

 8. Whistling at night
Avoid whistling at night. You could be taking a walk and feeling happy, and might start to unconsciously whistle a tune. According to the old folks, doing so is sure to attract the attention of wandering spirits who then follow you home. Well, the thought of whistling a tune in the darkness of the night is itself already a scary scenario. Better to use your iPod than rely on your lips for musical entertainment.

9. Ang pows should contain even number of dollars
It is considered very inauspicious to place odd numbered amounts of cash inside a red packet or angpow. On happy occasions such as weddings and birthdays, money wrapped as gifts should have even numbers and better yet should end in the 8 digit such as 118, 188 or 168. Odd number money is said to signify death.

10. Protecting your money luck
If you want to make sure money does not roll out of your home or shop, make certain not to sit on the counter where the cash register is placed. This is a really negative thing to do. In the same way, you should also never sit on a table that has your important documents and your safe placed inside one of the drawers. Also, never step on the threshold of any doorway into the home. It is said that the threshold is the pulse point of the house and stepping on it destroys its essence and its spirit. Some people say that the threshold is placed at the doorway to prevent wandering spirits from entering. Spirits are unable to cross the threshold. If you step on the threshold, you will be symbolically “breaking” the protection of the home.

Specially for men

11. Do not peer at a lady’s underwear either by chance or intention. This kind of “Peeping Tom” fun brings enormous bad luck and it is said that your life will be one of suffering and struggle all the way if you do this.

12. Men should never perform female responsibilities such as suckling the baby, sweeping the floor or washing the laundry. Doing these traditional tasks of women within the household is said to bring bad luck. Doing any of these tasks as a profession or business is however perfectly OK.

13. Men should never wash women’s undergarments as doing so can make it hard for the man to become rich. He will also become like a faithful “slave” to his wife. Men should never walk under a woman’s undergarments. So make sure you avoid going into a woman’s boudoir. These things stunts a man’s growth and brings him bad luck.

 For children

14. College going kids should avoid reading their text books in the toilet. This implies disrespect for the God of Education who then withholds his blessings. As a result, the child will lack good examination luck and will be hit by bad exam results. Allowing others to step on your text books have an even worse effect, as this creates the chi for bad luck in studies to arise.

15. When children eat, they should try to eat all the food given to them, as a clean plate or bowl is what will bring good exam results and a good looking spouse for later in life. Spilling rice all over the table is a definite taboo, as this causes the mind to become polluted.

 16. Be careful where you pee
The Chinese have always had this “pantang” and always remind their kids to never just pee anywhere they like. This is just such a dangerous thing to do because you could inadvertently be peeing on some wandering spirit, or on an ant hill or rabbit hole.
This causes you to inadvertently insult the land spirit living there and its retaliation can cause your genitals to become swollen and red, cause you to get sick and even make you suffer bad luck.
Next time you desperately need an outside toilet because you are traveling in a bus or car over long distances, choose a spot where the land is flat and there is no danger of there being any kind of ant or rat nest, then put your palms together and humbly seek permission from the land spirit to pee.

17. Crows bring bad news
When a pair of black crows suddenly confronts you i.e. looks directly at you from a tree or rooftop, look on it as a warning not to sign any important documents or meet anyone important that day. Cancel all your important appointments immediately as the crows are said to be the bringers of bad news. Colourful birds however bring news of good things coming while birds of prey such as eagles denote some authoritative or honourable title being conferred on you.

18. Seeing a rainbow
It is regarded as great good fortune to see and ‘catch a rainbow’, thus after, it is a good idea to scan the skies for rainbows, especially if the sun comes out soon after. That is when rainbows get formed. If you see a double arch, it is even more auspicious. Stories have been told of people striking it really rich after taking a picture where they are seen to be standing at the end of a rainbow. Using the camera to create visual effects like this is as good as the real thing. However, if you do see a real live rainbow, you should never point at it with your index finger, as this is said to draw all your bone marrow from you, making you prematurely hunched.

 19. Never sweep out, always sweep in
According to the Chinese, one should never use the broom to sweep outwards at the front of the shop. One should always sweep inwards from main door and then progressively work your way to the back of the shop. This pulls in the luck. In fact, always take note that traditionally, the front of the house is where good luck enters and the back of the house is where bad luck leaves. This fundamental concept does have implications when implementing feng shui recommendations.

20. Stepping on poo
If you step on poo, you can expect some good luck to come to you. It is the same when you dream of poo. Apparently this has to do with the body getting rid of its undesirable negativities. It is also believed that when a bird poos on your head, it means you are about to come into some speculative money.

Wedding taboos

21. Do not be a bridesmaid more than three times. Doing so creates a negative effect on your own marital luck, causing you to have difficulties finding someone to settle down with. Obstacles will manifest.

Another rule is that parents should never bring a “marital bed” into the home for the daughter until she is well and truly married. Doing so will spoil her chances of getting married at all. Those wanting to invest in an antique marriage bed should take note of this.

22. During chinese wedding dinners, steamed fish is usually one of the main dishes served. According to eating taboos, one should never turn the fish over nor break the fish bones when eating fish when it is served whole. This is sure to have a negative effect on the newlyweds.

23. Try not to have sex on the 1st and 15th days of the Lunar Chinese Calendar. These are the days of the new moon and full moon. While these are auspicious days, they are also days for sacrifice rather than for sexual indulgence.

 24. A bad omen
The Chinese believe that the breaking of plates and other ceramics is a very bad omen and if this happens to you, you should immediately counter it by saying, “Fa Hoi Fu Gui” which means “May Prosperity Blossom”. Once, one of our staff was celebrating his birthday and someone passed him an empty plate from across the table. As he reached out his hand to take it, the plate fell onto the table and broke into two pieces. He then picked up the broken half-piece and then dropped it again, causing it to break into two again. The next night he was involved in a very bad accident which smashed up his car! So next time something like this happens, do not forget to quickly counter it by saying something auspicious.

At the dining table

25. Never stick chopsticks vertically straight into your rice bowl as this a sign of ancestor worship and spells yin spirit formation, bringing bad luck.

26. Never point the spout of a coffee or tea pot directly at the patriach, as this denotes him as the “enemy” of the household. It causes him to leave and even set up a second family outside the home. Pointing the pot this way is also a challenging signal towards the person the spout is pointed to.

27. Do not hang the cooking wok upside down or reversed. This signifies there is nothing to cook and indicates the opposite of abundance. The same applies to cooking pots. So the western style of hanging their pots and pans suspended above the kitchen table is something the Chinese frown upon.

28. When eating, never point the knife or fork directly at someone, as this is a hostile signal and can cause the other party to have an accident.


Materials & Informations in the Both



Memory games corner

Colouring contest about TABOO & SUPERSTITION

Exhibition members

Booth members

Video for Taboo


English Week Report 2011
SJKC Gau San, Pontian.
English Week is a week where a variety of language activities are carried out in order to provide ample opportunity and time for the use and practice of English Language among the pupils. It is also organized to arouse realization of the importance of the English Language as a second language in this country and also as an international language.

1.   To provide enrichment activities and cultivating interest in the English Language.
2.   To build up the pupil’s proficiency and confidence in the use of the English Language.
3.   To promote unity and fellowship among teachers and pupils.
4.   To provide effective language learning and opportunities to the use of the laguage.
5.   To provide the opportunity to learn the language through ICT.
6.   To give a balance education to the pupils with emphasis on both academic and extra-curricular activities

“Having Fun with English”

Duration of the programme : One week ( 5/8/2011 – 15/8/2011)

Target Group : All students from Year 1 to Year 6

Advisors:                     Mr. John Wai Fong
                                       Madam Siti Nor Aman    
Head Coordinator:      Madam Teo Siw Luan 
Asst. Coordinator:      Madam Joanne Ng Siew Ling
Secretary:                     Madam Foo Ai Kheng
Treasurer:                     Mr. Muhamad Nurjuwaidi Bin Jaafar
Committee Members:   Mr. Neo Sau Ying
                                       Miss Lee Siao Chin
                                       Mr. Toh Wei Jye

1)         Prizes (Document Case) & Wrapping Paper                 RM70.00
2)         Prizes (Books for Spelling Bee)                                     RM33.2       
                                                            Total                           RM100.20       

1)         English Quiz ( Year 4 )
            Kaurunisan Binti Fasta              -           4 Merah
            Daniel Chew                                -           4 Merah
            Cheong Meng Hao                    -           4 Kuning 

2)         Spelling Bee ( Year 5 )
            Desmond Au                             -           5 Merah           -           1st
            Charles Ling Ling                     -           5 Kuning          -         2nd
            Gerald Chua                              -           5 Merah            -           3rd

3)         Scrabble Competition ( Year 6 )
              6 Merah

Activities Clues and Benefits
English Corner
English corner can help students to be more successful in many ways. Regular reading for pleasure can:
* improve vocabulary
* increase reading speed
*improving reading comprehension
*help improve reading
*give you a chance to gain more knowledge
*provide examples of the many different ways people speak and write in English
*Display pupils works
English Corner

Nursery Rhymes 
Learning nursery rhymes is good for children and helps them in learning language. Studies link knowledge of nursery rhymes to learning to read, spell, and phonological awareness. The rhyme and rhythm of the simple rhymes helps children develop language skills for reading and speaking. They help increase vocabulary in a fun and silly way that kids love. Reading and singing nursery rhymes to your child will help them learn and grow in their language and literacy skills.
Rhymes -The Little Teapot
Story Telling / Singing
Storytelling is an excellent way for students because stories ignite student interest, help students create vivid mental images and stories activate the thinking process. Stories form a framework for connecting events and concepts. This helps students better understand and later recall information. Stories provide depth to a concept going beyond a fact, a definition, or an outline of textbook material. Students also can create their imaginative skill in story telling.
                                                     Story Telling - The Tiger & The Wolf

Story Telling - The Wonderland
Song - Marry Had A Little Lamb
Scrabble Competition
  • Scrabble provides fun for the students, the game requires players to spell the words based on previous words that have been spelled on the board. It provides many advantages such as:-
The first and foremost advantage to Scrabble is spelling. The entire game is based around spelling. Not only are you required to spell words yourself, but you view words that other players spell as well. This serves to increase and boost up your vocabulary and have a better grasp on the spelling of words. This can be extremely advantageous for young children who are at a stage where their vocabulary is expanding at a rapid rate.
Scrabble Competition

Creativity and Strategy
One aspect of the mind that Scrabble forces the player to use is creativity. When playing each word, the player must be able to creatively think of a word that will play off of a previously spelled word. This requires creative use of the letters that the player has. Some players even seek to play words in specific areas—as different spaces on the Scrabble board can garner more points than others.

Especially useful for children, playing Scrabble also requires basic math skills. Each letter in the game has a point value, and spaces on the board will often require the player to multiply that point value; so players use math after playing each word. As the game requires basic addition and multiplication, it can sharpen any player’s math skills, while not over-burdening him with complex mathematics.
Scrabble - Spelling

 Tele-Match Games
Shared fun and laughter is healthy for individuals and groups. The main objectives are
to create teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, leadership, strategies and
being creative with their team members. Release tension and stimulates creativity are the benefits of this games.

Tele Match Competition
Fun with English (Using Computer) 
Games can be more than simple entertainment. Games can offer an opportunity to improve ESL skills through interactive play by using computer.
§           Hand-Eye Coordination - Yes, this is awesome. Research has shown that people who play video games more often have better hand-eye coordination than people who don’t play video games.
§           Language - Playing video games improves English; I know myself how much I have learnt from playing video games. So this is a great way to get your students to get going with the English language.
§           Stress - People who play more video games are less likely to become stressed. I believe this is mostly because a game can put you in a stressful situation sometimes (the good adrenaline-stress). This can then help to make some situations to be “less-stressful” for us, so it doesn’t activate any stress hormones like it usually does.
§           Faster/Better Reaction Time - Yes this is a very logic one, but a damn good one! As it says, you get a faster and better reaction time for playing video games more often. This can be good especially when it comes to reflexes. Faster reflexes can save a life one day, or maybe even saving you some money – avoiding something to drop onto the floor.
§           Solving, Motivation & Cognitive - Playing video games will improve your solving-, motivation- and cognitive skills. And improving your motivation “skill” is very good. Motivation is needed to live “better”.
§           Better Vision – You never expected this one I’m sure. But playing video games is said to improve your vision. I believe this is mainly due to the big attention spent with our eyes on the screen. Trying to pick out small details against the background and things like that.
§           Improved “Team-Play” - Playing video games improves your ability to work with others in team. Especially if you are playing video games that aim’s solo – pretty logic indeed.

Student Using ICT For English Lesson & Games

Summary of Advantages & Disadvantages of the programme
Students and teachers were also asked what of the activities in English Week they found most beneficial to them. The following represents some of the responses received.

Year 2 Merah – Wong Jia Jun
I think that the story telling is a very good experience for students because this helps
us to improve our English skill. I have learnt how to make my speech interesting. It has taught me how to be brave when standing in front of lots of people and making a speech. I am
confident in myself and am no longer afraid to stand up to present my speech in front of people. I think it is a good experience and taught me how to be a confident speaker.

Year 6 Kuning – Lee Shao En

Being at the booth and directing other students to play the scrabble games and explaining the materials of our board helped me absorb a lot of new vocabulary.

Year 3 Kuning – Lan Jia Wen

What I learnt was team spirit and cooperation and realized that without which, work remains an unfinished business.

Miss Lee Siao Chin – (Committee Member)

The English Day in 2011 was terrific! About 480students from SJKC GAU SAN participated in the activities organized by us. Before this, we were quite worried about conducting the activities, as we have little experience with holding such a big programmed, yet everything went smoothly. Every one of the leaders demonstrated great leadership skills and the kids were very active in attending the games. This gave us full confidence and we enjoyed the games with them too. Apart from having a joyful time, this prorgamme taught us how to be responsible leaders and helped us polish our Speaking skills. Lastly, we thank Mr. John Wai Fong and Pn. Siti Nor Aman for giving us this valuable opportunity and fortraining us. Without their valuable help and support us would not have been able to run the activity successfully.

Madam Joanne Ng Siew Ling (Committee member)
Overall for this programmed is good for students to boost their English, but there’s shortage of time to cover the English Syllables especially for exam class ( Year 6 ). This programmed need to be done in a week, the time is quite pack and rush for all the teachers to organize the activities.
Recommendations for future English Week

1.     Separate the activities in few weeks, so that the teachers may have well preparation for the activities.
2.     Set English Week as long term programmed in few months.
3.     Play English songs, story, rhymes, poem during recess everyday, so that pupils may learn more and listening more to improve their English.

Year 2011 English week was done successfully in SJKC Gau San, all the students were very active to take part of it. The students were enjoyable in this programmed, a variety of language activities are carried out in this week to provide a golden opportunity and time for the use and practice of English Language among the students. Most of the teachers and students try to use and speak English during the activities. It is a very good tried for the teachers and students to use English as the second language to communicate among each other. Hopefully this programmed will going
on year by year.

Fun With Reading

Reading Room
Many parents have asked us the same question, “How to get my child
to read more?”. The answer is simple, “Show them.”Yes, show them by having good books around them. Show them that it is all right to take those books out to read. Most importantly, show them thateverybodyreads and reading is actually en joyable.
Here at My Learning World, not only do we let them have full access to all the books they want, they are also surrounded by people who enjoy reading. They will also be exposed to what’s coming in the future, e-books.
Apart from reading, there are also games and programmes that are geared towards honing their writing, speaking and listening skills.


Great Books for Kids of All Ages

Give your children the gift of reading by using our guide from the American Library Association to select books that match both their abilities and interests. Jump-start your kids' imaginations through reading. You'll change their lives!
We like reading very much!!!
Reading is so fun!!!

Let's reading together

Reading Time



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