Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Fun With Nursery Rhymes

Rhymes are rhythmic poems taught to young children about 3-7 years of age. They are the medium of teaching them vocabulary, elementary mathematics, English alphabets, months name, days of the week or several other behavioural ettiquettes. Poems with child friendly music and actions make them learn things very fast and that too in a very interesting way. As these poems are mostly introduced in nursery , that is why they are known as Nursery Rhymes. As far as wordly meaning of 'Nursery' and 'Rhymes' are concerned; nursery is a place where children learn before school days usually between the age of 2-5. They learn here by listening to stories, recognising colours fruits, vegetables through various toys and learn behavioural things through observation and most importantly through Rhymes because rhymes are repetition of similar words in two or three sentences. Accompanied with music and actions and taught them in groups of children make them learn things in a very positive and easier way.



Nitoya Lee said...

Students like video, students like audio, try these in your lesson during English class, the children must love you very much

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